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These high-quality 8x10" Reproductions are printed by a Photo Lab -- Not on a Home Computer
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Earth vs the Flying Saucers

Invaders from Mars

Night of the Hunter
Robert Mitchum

Earth vs the Flying Saucers

Invasion of the Saucermen

Day the World Ended

It Conquered the World
Beverly Garland
vs Giant Carrot

Attack of the Crab Monsters

Pit & the Pendulm
Nicholson, Price, Steele

James Nicholson
AIP President

Target Earth
Herman Cohen
Sherman A Rose

Man Who Turned to Stone

Roger Corman
Best of the Cheap Acts

The Cyclops

Master of the World
Charles Bronson

Pit & the Pendulum
Corman & Price


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Great Monsters of the 50's

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