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These are high-quality 8x10" Reproductions are printed by a Photo Lab -- Not on a Home Computer

$16.00 per Photo

Shipping within the U.S. is $3.50 per order.

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Diana Dors
Unholy Wife

More Diana Dors

Irish McCalla
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle

Anita Ekberg
LA Dolce Vita

More Anita Ekberg

Mamie Van Doren

Mylene Demongeot

More Mylene Demongeot

Mari Blanchard
She Devil

More Mari Blanchard

Mai Britt
Blue Angel

More Mai Britt

Brigitte Bardot
God Created Woman

More Brigitte Bardot

Yvette Mimieux
The Time Machine

More Yvette Mimieux

Judy Holiday
Born Yesterday

Barbara Nichols
Naked and the Dead

Janet Leigh

More Janet Leigh

Tuesday Weld
Solider in the Rain

More Tuesday Weld

Kathleen Hughes
She Devil

More Kathleen Hughes

Lizbeth Scott
Blue Angel

Gloria Graham
Bad and the Beautiful

More Gloria Graham


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Blondes of the 50's